our services

our support packages are built using our adapt framework

we focus on four workstreams…


client service & consultancy​

we can provide prompt senior support, forward planning, and out-of-hours working to help you deliver your client’s work 

working hard

a spare pair of hands

for when things get busy

we support at the eleventh hour or we can run a new project from start to end

tell us what you need & we’ll get going


another version of you

for projects that just keep giving

we can work between 6am to 10pm, seven days a week, to give you some time back

download your brain to us for the night  


a quick pow wow

for that ever-important independent insight

we offer sessions to talk through a particular situation – strategy? creative? an issue? consultancy is always from director level or above

incl. 30-minute talk & 30-minutes of write up


super-fast turnaround

for instant help – with less than four hours’ notice

we step in to help you with situations that are causing you unhelpful pressure right now

just call us, brief us & if we’re free we’ll do the rest

planned integrated services 

for when creative services are in high demand

our team of all senior designers, web developers, copy writers, and digital services are here to help 

book ahead when you know there is a peak 


that perfect opp

for a little bit of what you really want

a perfect marketing opp? a new client on the books? but are you short of team time?

we do the leg work (and then some!)



we’ve partnered with experts who understand the pressures of creative industries to bring you something tailored & unique


some extra coaching

for when a little bit of support will go a long way

we help people identify & manage unhelpful types of pressure in the workplace. less stress equals more happiness

we can coach one-to-one, or small groups of up to six


embodiment training

for locating & alleviating stress in the body 

we offer sessions on embodiment, public speaking, confidence & managing nerves – with the goal of helping you better handle those high pressured situations

a blend of education & techniques for groups or one-to-one coaching


solution-led problem solving 

for a range of practical sessions aimed at all levels

do you know difference between helpful and unhelpful types of pressure? what about taking control? want to know how to brief briefly, and completey? 

we help people resolve issues in the present moment


managing pressure & resilience training 

for a scientifically-rooted way of maintaining & building reslilence

sessions are fast-paced & highly interactive; via a combination of breakout sessions, polls and quizzes

people go away with many insights, tools and tip


improv training 

for connecting & uplifting teams

stealth learning through laughter! collaborative games spark creativity, improve communication and the ability to be agile & responsive under pressure 

playful, interactive sessions run for groups of at least six (ideally more)



we are experts in running big teams and creative businesses and can help give independent perspective

“outside” insider reports

for when objectivity can provide clarity

we help leadership teams identify and manage team- & company-related matters as they arise

we know agency life & can help you manage the tricker times


for when the left arm doesn’t know what the right arm is doing

we review your processes and help align them to your values & company needs. we suggest ways of streamlining

we help you see the wood for the trees

connecting outward

for bringing communities together

we support identifying the right CSR partner for you. we connect shared-interest groups, industry and community

connection is key for a happy, healthy business

interim management

for keeping things going when you’re light on senior support

we supplement teams & coach managers until the right person for your full-time role comes along

we’re here how you need us

leaders of tomorrow 

for leaders-in-the-making

leadership isn’t just about a leadership team. everyone – at all levels – needs to build skills 

we provide a pressure-reducing approach to leadership at all levels



…and when it’s time to simply take some time for yourselves, we offer wellbeing packages
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wellness campaigns

for bringing a healthy mind & a healthy workspace together

we create wellbeing campaigns that blend learning with healthy, fun activities – all tailored to your business needs

we can deliver the whole programme, or elements of it, for you


a bit of TLC & connecting inwards 

for reuniting the mind, body & spirit

we provide mindfulness, meditation and other therapies. we keep your team present & balanced

all to your needs, all by trained experts


brand revival

for when you need to reconnect with your roots

we provide team building events built around your company values. we connect people and teams; bringing you closer together

we can be as involved as you need us – to run the show, or provide a few ideas


body physical

for home-based exercise and stretching

we can develop individual or group programmes to help keep your team physically-active from home

we tailor support as needed

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