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welcome to the team hub

here we explain what you can expect if we work together

simple in balance

our role

at fox & cat, our role is to arrange and oversee all work with our clients

we work with clients who will benefit most from our mission, we contract with them, and we maintain the relationship

we understand the changing needs of agency-side communications and we train our network on all things related to our way of being

and of course if anything should go wrong, then we are always here to help


your role

your role is pivotal to our success. you will be helping our clients with their varying needs using your unique set of skills

you may be responsible for a programme on your own, or it may be a part of a bigger campaign that requires joined up working with others from across our network

you should be a team player, self-motivated, and great working with clients

your role is to always be on time, on brief, and approach work with good spirit, passion and enthusiasm


our partnership

it is the combination of our offering and your skills that keeps us unique, so we invest in keeping our partnerships healthy

to ensure excellent service to all our clients, we will help you deliver your work in line with our ethos

we have a key focus on evaluating. this includes feeding back to you, hearing from you on how we are performing & looking at how best to work together in the future

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