our philosophy

mental health impacts everyone. every family. every business. every community

a major cause of mental health issues is pressure

big change is possible

it is not going to be as hard as you think

community is the (not so) secret weapon


"hours for ours"

helping out in the mental health space is central to our mission, so we give back

we believe that ventures with similar missions should support each other

that is why we offer up our time for free to help likeminded businesses manage pressure in their workplace. we support: 

  • charitable mental health causes

  • the CIPR mental health taskforce 

Shaking hands

our network

we work with people and businesses who believe in our mission 

we cannot achieve our mission alone. we invest in building & maintaining healthy relationships with our network 

we bring a raft of new people and expertise to help deliver our unique service, your way

Plants growing

our partnerships

we are informed on all relevant matters through our parterships & memberships


we certainly aren’t know-it-alls – that’s why we need connection & insight from those who know best 

we value our relationships with strong & leading industry organisations to help inform and guide us


our clients

and of course… our clients whom we help manage pressure in their work places 

and by all accounts, our approach is adding value as we go