more about us & our story

why fox&cat?

the fable of the fox & cat is about making the right decision at the right time. aseop wrote it a few thousand years ago and it still stands true today

the fox comes to a rather gruesome end because they couldn’t decide which approach was best when under pressure

the cat, of course, chooses their one reliable solution, the tree. well evolved, a safe canopy, strong supporting branches, mature and wise

that is why the tree is our symbol and that is how we see ourselves. the one solution to many challenges

how did fox&cat come to be?

creative agencies work blooming hard. delivering innovation with impeccable service is no easy task

our appreciation for creative solutions, my experiences with mental health, and wanting to make a genuine difference in the stressful and challenging communications working environment is what led to fox&cat. simple

this is new and a bit different. so let’s see how it goes!

but some pressure is good, right?

pressure helps (the sort that pushes us forward) but other sorts of pressure (like being too busy, or even having too little pressure) can quickly take its toll 

we help clients get through periods where there is more unhelpful pressure than the helpful kinds. to do this, we keep things simple, present, in balance and novel

who is on the team at fox&cat?

we have a network of people who all believe in our mission

these include senior communications consultants with a passion for helping others, training experts who focus on relieving the things that cause pressure and stress, leadership gurus and a team of wellbeing experts

so depending on the circumstances you find yourself in, fox&cat will pull together the right people

why don’t I just work with a freelancer to do my comms work?

on the comms side, we are all very senior so we hit the ground running. we fill parts of roles, rather than roles themselves, to remain cost effective (no time wastage) and deliver something special – think one person with ten or more brains 

we are an agency with a growing network of experts. we are focused entierly on relieving pressure for you now, and helping you avoid unhelpful types of pressure in the future

we’re unique in what we do, how we do it, and in the passion we bring to our mission

what does success look like?

success for us is when you and your team feel less negative impact from unhelpful types of pressure, more motivation, and a closer connection to your purpose and values

when we are successful we will no longer be needed. and if we ever did succeed with our mission on a global level, we’d be out of business

what a great way to go!

how much will this cost me?

our rates are competitive and being an agile agency, we offer an entirely different sort of service to other support agencies

we don’t labour on admin, our proposition is simple, you are in control. you only book what you need. so hour for hour we’re a very cost effective solution to ever-changing circumstances

what about your other clients and conflicts?

we have structured our introductory process to ensure that our team never work on competing client business – this was very important to us when developing our business model

our future plans are to grow outside of health and into other sectors

but as we grow, we’ll solve things as we go. problem solving is what we do – after all! simple

so why choose fox&cat over other options?

support comes in all shapes and sizes. if established outlays or freelancers are right for you right now then that is a match made

things always change. we are different because we focus entirely on managing unhelpful pressure & we see this as one issue with many solutions 

we can do all the things senior communications consultants can do but we do this with a focus, with a higher order and a passion to bring about big change

uniquely, we can combine client service, leadership, training & wellbeing to bring you a totally unique way of dealing with work place pressure

why no social media?

constantly looking at other people’s lives, how they are getting on and comparing ourselves can be an unhelpful source of pressure

in our view (being around managing unhelpful sorts of pressure), the cons outweigh the pros on the major public platforms. we hope things change. but until then we choose not to indulge

you will, however, find us active on professional sites like LinkedIn

ps we’re not anti-social. quite the opposite – we love a good chat

but hang on. you do comms!?

yes we do. and we very much support appropriate use of social media for campaigns that have clear social elements and responsible usage policies that support mental health policy 

provided the campaign has clear measures in place to ensure responsible usage (we help with that too!) then we’re in